BB Makes a travel themed Sunhat

I finished the blue skate & ride sunhat. Technically it fits, but not as well as I hoped.


adjustable hat
I do like the little buttonholes for the ties

I think the panels were not the right shape so it makes for a bulky fit. So I went on the search for a different pattern.

I made two of the Oliver and S bucket hat last year. If you look online for a bucket hat pattern, you’ll find this one is very popular, and with good reason. It’s easy to follow and plenty of photos to help you along the way. However, last year I needed to use the largest size for Mini BB so this year I’ll be needing one with a little more room. (She doesn’t have an overly gigantic head, it’s just the way she wears her thick curly hair needs a lot of room.)

Anyhow, this time I have used a pattern from Etsy. It is designed to be adjustable so I didn’t need to figure that bit out myself this time. As mentioned before, an adjustable hat is desirable as it will last longer as Mini BB grows. It also has the added bonus of being able to be fitted according to what hairstyle she is sporting. The pattern for the Ultimate Bucket Hat is fairly easy to follow and packed with clear photos.

The final result:

Space for a ponytail


Loving this cars-around-town fabric.

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