BB Makes Memories with Shaun in the City

So this Easter I heard that Shaun the Sheep would be visiting London in many different guises and I was immediately intrigued. The sculptures have been created by artists, designers and celebrities for the public to enjoy. There are 50 sheep dotted around London and they’ll be around until May 25th. Then later in the year there will be another 70 around the city of Bristol (Shaun’s birthplace). The sculptures will go to auction later in the year to raise funds for Wallace & Gromit’s Wallace Children’s Charity and The Grand Appeal, Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, helping sick children in hospitals across the UK.

I printed the map from the website and also downloaded the Shaun in the City app for my phone. Then Mini BB and I set off on the first trail – Shaun’s Trail.  

I have to admit here that we never really watched Shaun the Sheep before now. We do love Timmy Time though. Mini BB soon got into the swing of looking out for Shauns and getting into weird poses for the photo evidence. We did the first trail backwards as it made sense from where we were to start at Charing Cross Station, so the first Shaun we spotted was Nelson at Trafalgar Square!

Nelson Shaun
Nelson Shaun at Trafalgar Square

The trail took us to Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Street so we took in some sights and enjoyed the sunshine. I think the Shaun Mini BB was most interested in seeing on this trail was the Ben & Holly one, located in Hamley’s Toy Shop. Somehow, eventually, I managed to convince her to leave the toy shop to find more sheep.  

Ben and Holly's Magical Kingdom Shaun located in Hamley's Toy Shop.
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Shaun located in Hamley’s Toy Shop.

Here are the rest of the sheep found on the first trail.

Shaun's Trail
Sheep found on Shaun’s Trail. Me Ilamo Shaun, Mossy Bottom, Woolly Jumbo Jingtai, The Gruffalo Shaun, Monsters! Ram of the Match, Rule Brittania, Baa-bushka

The app awards you with various trophies as you go along the trails. The notable ones for today were for getting ten sheep ticked off in one day, and for completing the trail within the suggested time. I do not understand how we got these trophies as we were out for HOURS and the app suggested it would take 35 minutes! But I won’t look a trophy horse in the mouth.


It was a Grand Day Out indeed. Three more trails to go! Timmy, Shirley and Bitzer!


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