BB Makes Her Way Through Ye Olde London

That’s right, it’s another Sheep Trail! We elected to make Paddington our first stop to gather up a couple more of The Farmer’s Lost Sheep. This time Mini BB and I were joined by my Mum as I was determined to share the fun with as many people as possible. I like Paddington Station but hadn’t been for a long while so we were quite discombobulated by the changes. As well as Lambmark Larry, we saw a sculpture of Paddington Bear and a beautifully painted bench.

Paddington Station
Lambmark Larry at Paddington Station Homage to Paddington Bear – we should have brought marmalade sandwiches!

We then made our way to the magical wonderland that is Paddington Basin. Ok it’s not quite a magical wonderland but it did look quite pretty in the sun that day. I almost envied the people who worked nearby for having the option to eat lunch in such beautiful surroundings. In amongst it all was PADDINGTON Shaun near a water fountain.

Paddington Basin, Shaun the Sheep or Shaun the Bear?
PADDINGTON Shaun at Paddington Basin

We grabbed take away lunch in M&S and saw yet another Paddington statue. Apparently this is part of a Paddington trail put on a long time ago that I completely missed.

The Brick Bear
Paddington Trail

Then we headed back across London on a bus to take in some sights. We spotted a few Shauns from previous trails along the way. Shirley’s Trail is said to be a journey through the oldest part of the capital, visiting London’s most impressive arts and heritage landmarks. The bus took us to somewhere in the middle of Shirley’s Trail at St Paul’s Cathedral so we were going to have to go back on ourselves a bit. There were quite a few at St Paul’s!

Shirley's Trail
Baa-roque at St Paul’s Churchyard, Literary Lamb at Temple Bar, Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion at Peter’s Hill, Out of this World at City of London Information Centre, Hamish at Paternoster Square

We walked up to The Barbican to see The Guardian and Counting Sheep. Poor Mini BB wanted to have a nap on Counting Sheep but the promise of ice cream spurred her on somewhat.

St Paul's has so many Sheep
Fine & Gandy and Woolly Wiggle at One New Change, The Guardian at Guildhall, Counting Sheep at Barbican Centre, Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gardens, A Capital View at Festival Gardens

It was back to St Paul’s then over the River Thames to see the last two sheep of the day.


Shirley's Trail at The River Thames
Br-ewe-nel at Tate Modern, To Sheep Perchance to Dream at The Globe Theatre

Today’s reward: Pizza Express!


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