BB Makes friends with nearly 50 sheep.

I’m on holiday so I’m going to attempt to write about this last trail entirely on my ipad 😳

Bitzer’s Trail is the last and longest of the four Shaun in the City Trails. This time we dragged brought Mr BB along with us. This worked out well as he has a good knowledge of this part of the city and he had the opportunity to point out places that he used to work.

The trail started in The Shard which is only open from 10am so it’s a good job it takes us forever to leave the house.

After lunch in Cafe Rogues, we headed close to the River and saw four at More London. 


Mittens and Lenny at More London
Globetrotter at More London
Globetrotter at More London was extremely popular at this moment so apologies for the poorer photos

Something was going on and they were setting up for it, which meant that one of the sheep had been fenced off. Boooooo!

Thumbs Down for Petal being caged at More London

The next two were at The Tower of London. As many times as I have walked along Tower Bridge and The Embankment, I had never actually crossed over and visited the tower itself or Tower Pier. So this was another great opportunity to go somewhere previously unseen.

Yeoman of the Baaard at Tower Pier, Shaun-xiào at HM Tower of London

From there, the trail turns it’s back on busy tourist areas and heads into the heart of the city’s business district.


Kanzashi at The Lloyd’s Building
Bitzer's Trail
The Pearly King at Liverpool Street Station

The last sheep on this trail was my favourite: Mr Shaun covered in Little Misses and Mr Men. This is in Finsbury Avenue Square (not to be confused with Finsbury Avenue Park).


Little Misses and Mr Men
Mr Shaun at Finsbury Avenue Square
Mr Tickle giving Shaun a tickle

So after hours of walking, we completed Bitzer’s Trail and thought about how and when we would see Sheep Number 50: Happy and Glorious…


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