BB Makes a CBeebies Birthday Card

June 2nd is now drawing to a close. Today my daughter, Mini BB, celebrated her 4th birthday. 🎉🎂

After 3 years of avoiding the gamble of sending a birthday card in to CBeebies to be read out on air, I finally decided to give it a go. You need to send the card to the channel four weeks in advance and there is no guarantee it will be shown and they don’t return them. I was going to send a card six weeks in advance to be on the safe side but it took a while to think of an idea that was easy to execute, reflected Mini BB’s interests, and involved some interaction with the presenter.

This is what I came up with:

Mini BB having a birthday lunch with Charlie, Lola and Lotte, with a balloon covering her face that needs to be lifted up. I considered attempting to draw in a Charlie & Lola style but time was running out so I opted for the cut out and stick route. Then I popped it in the post in a large hard envelope imploring all who handled it not to bend it.

Fast forward four weeks and I was thrilled to discover that the card I made had been chosen to be read out on air today! I felt like I’d reached the pinnacle of all I could achieve in life and it was time to retire and enjoy my sunset years. 😂



Well that’s probably a little over the top but I must confess to being a bit of a telly addict and it’s quite possible that I love CBeebies more than my daughter does. She may only be interested in watching it for another year or two, tops. So I’m glad I managed to do it before she moves on to other interests. 

She is growing up fast in many ways. Last night we went to meet the teachers who will be teaching her Reception class in September. It was a bit emotional to realise her official life at school is about to begin. It’s an exciting time for us all.


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