BB Makes a Bow Holder

Mini BB has rather a lot of hair accessories. I kept them a little Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot at first but they were soon overflowing. I then tried a plastic food box, then plastic bags. It was driving me to distraction! They don’t have room to air out and it was hard to find pairs. So I set about looking for a bow holder solution.

A whole mess of bows

I couldn’t find any suitable ones to buy so I looked for one I could make myself. A Crafty Mom has a really easy tutorial to follow on this and thanks to her post I am on my way to having a workable solution for the bows.

bow holder
Framed and ready to fill

imageBows-a-plenty! There are more so I’ll probably make one or two more of these and perhaps add more ribbon tails for the clips.

How do you store your hair accessories?


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