BB Makes a hat that fits.

Reader, I have a big head. 

No, I don’t mean I’m conceited; I literally have a big head. I can only look longingly at hats on display in high street shops as they almost never fit atop my moon-sized head. Which is a shame because I do quite like hats.

As you’ve seen, I’ve been making hats for my daughter. They are very useful in this lovely weather as they eliminate the need for her to wear uncomfortable sunglasses all the time and they are an additional protection from the sun, along with Factor 50. When we were in Lanzarote a little while ago during their heatwave, I looked at the hats my daughter and mother were wearing and really wished I had a sunhat. I tried on the lovely summer hats at some of the souvenir and clothing shops around but they either didn’t fit at all or rapidly gave me a headache.

When you sew for your business it’s hard to justify making the time to sew for yourself. However, this week I finally found the time to make an adjustable sunhat for myself using the pattern by Flosstyle and here is the finished result.


custom made hat
Ready for Summer in my adjustable sunhat
I found this fabric from Plush Addict which I thought was ideal as I often wear red tops/dresses and blue jeans. I chose to make it adjustable to allow for when I wear my hair down or in a ponytail. Unlike my daughter’s hats, I omitted the ties for under the chin!


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